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Censorship is a common debate in today’s world. It is hard to draw the line between a completely unfettered society and an extremely uptight one. I am here to say that the boundary of censorship has been lightening up and will continue to lighten up as time goes by. More and more things are becoming acceptable in our world today and, with that, the media is changing as well. Each generation, our culture is changing. And, as our surroundings change, we need to, not only accept it, but adjust to it as well. Nothing can compete with the natural forces of change. We cannot put regulations on everything. Excessive censorship rules degrades our freedom that the United States is ultimately built upon. Our freedom of speech and freedom of expression is something that stands pride and true to our American population.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says that swearing on TV is okay- sometimes. However, censorship is still put into place. During the day, the use of bad words is, for the most part, prohibited all together. This is because of the obvious reason- children. Children are typically up from around 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. After 9 o’clock at night children should be in bed, sleeping. After 9, sometimes 10, at night is when the more mature television shows come on. They do this on purpose and it all boils down to, well, censorship. However, there are other variables that play a big role in keeping media censored, parents.

If what is being shown on your television is not something that you want your kid being exposed to yet, there is probably an option to just turn your TV off all together. If that is utterly impossible, blocking channels for your youngster can also be a good solution. Families vary in many different ways. So what may not be acceptable for your child to watch may be for his classmate(s). It all is dependent on the family and their own standards of how they want to raise their child. This is the exact reason why censorship cannot be forced. It is different from household to household.

            There’s a constant opposing pressure for more and less censorship. It really comes down to the whole physics of it. Like Isaac Newton once said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. For every person who thinks there should more censorship, there is the same amount of people saying that there should be less censorship. I recognize that there are equal forces in each direction. And I believe that the current level of censorship represents our generation’s balancing point, and as Isaac Newton would say… equilibrium. And though equilibriums can shift, they shift very slowly. The standards that applied to our parent’s generation no longer apply.  Do you know why? Because the equilibrium shifted. It didn’t shift much and it was not all at the same time, but it did change and will continue to change towards less censorship over time. 

Every decade more and more is acceptable to society. So if there is any change that will happen, it will be towards less censorship. Not towards more. Time can only move forward and you want to turn the clock back. Major changes in censorship levels, in EITHER direction, are not acceptable by the forces in our society. The laws of science cannot be denied.



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