Picture Perfect by Casey Norris

Casey Norris

            Young teenagers and all women go through life looking at magazines at perfect picture ladies or watch television shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and wonder how did they get so gifted in life to look so beautiful? For those of you have no idea who the Kardashian sisters are, well to sum it up in two words… absolute perfection. Hearing questions like “why can’t I be her?” is upsetting because anyone could be absolute perfection with all the editing they do to models and celebrities.

No wonder we, as ordinary ladies, feel so much pressure to look picture perfect. Yes you see models in magazines or billboards, television, etc. but that is not who they really are. You never get to see what the models look like before all of the make up and editing. Make up artists do wonders to these females faces, and even after all that they still aren’t good enough for the media. After taking a photo shoot the photographer will sit there and edit the pictures so that they look “picture perfect”. They edit every little thing; the company Dove did a very well done campaign to show every step with a model that shows that she looks like an absolute different person coming into the studio compared to the final product.

            I had found someone who is finally realizing that real is better than fake. To hear about all of the girls across the world with low self-esteem because of models, I cant even imagine what it would be like to be an actual model watching them edit and erase your body to make it look perfect. You think just other girls are having issues with themselves because of a perfect models, you’re wrong. Even models go through depression with what they go through to be a model. Majority of them either kill them selves or have drug overdoses from trying to stay skinny. They get stuck in this modeling world and cannot get out. The Debenhams blog shows actual un-airbrushed swimwear models. They finally took a stand to show that people are pretty for whom they are and they don’t need a computer to edit their face, arms, legs, stomach, etc.

You hear all these young teens and young adult girls talking about wanting that perfect model figure or the Barbie doll look. Well you can dream ladies, and let it eat and tear away at your self-esteem but its physically impossible. If you wanted to look like Barbie you would physically not be able to. BBC news magazine shows the dimensions of a Barbie doll body compared to be on a regular humans body. It is literally impossible to look this way. They say you physically would not even be able to stand up because your body frame would be so unbalanced. Now that’s a shame.


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