Texting While Driving By Duggan Tear

            What’s more dangerous, texting your best friend while your driving to let him know that your almost to his house or letting your 70 year old grandpa drive you around? The answer is neither, texting while driving makes a drivers reaction time as slow as a 70-year-old person, which isn’t good because you always need to be alert while you are driving.  Texting and driving is an important subject that needs to be controlled better and taken more seriously

            Each year there are about 6,000 deaths related to texting and driving and half a million injuries are cause by it. This is a scary number because I don’t think people know how dangerous it is to be texting and driving. When you look down at your phone your attention is taken away from the road for about 5 seconds, which gives you enough time to travel a football field. In that time there’s is a lot that you could do that makes it dangerous for other drivers on the road. Almost 50 percent of drivers between the age of 18 and 24 are texting while driving.

            One way to control this problem could be to inform kids when they are young about the dangers of texting and driving so they know not to do it. If kids grow up learning something is wrong then they will be more cautious when they are that age and they get the idea of texting while driving. Another way to help prevent this problem is have crash simulations in elementary, middle, and high school so it will scare the kids and they wont want to do it so nothing bad happens to them.

            The percentage of drivers who are using cell phones while driving is only increasing and there needs to be something done to stop it. When so many people are dying and being injured each year that should bring attention to the people to try and stop it. One police officer said, “People know that it is illegal so it is harder to stop them when they are looking out for the police,” Wilburn said.  Another reporter, Lund said, “it is distracted driving that’s the culprit behind crashes, and not technology.” He believes that if we got rid of driving with technology then all other forms of distracting driving will come back like changing or clothes or shaving. An example of something who knows texting and driving is wrong but still does it is Pita from Georgia got pulled over for texting and admitted she was wrong and try’s not to do it because her friend died from it.

            This is not only a problem for the driver doing the texting a driving but also the passengers in the car with them. 48 percent of kids twelve to seventeen said they have been with a driver who was texting and fifteen percent of young drivers have seen there parents texting and driving so that has influenced them greatly. Kids look up to older siblings or parents a lot so if they are always in the car while the other one is texting while driving then that will greatly influence them to want and do that same thing. I hope this problem is brought to more attention by people and there is also a way to prevent less accidents from happening.




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