More skate parks less vandalism

Chris Zaczek


English 1050

More skate parks less vandalism

                Skate parks are benefiters to everyone and not just skateboarders. If there were not skate parks we would skate anything we think is skate able even if it is in a business area. We will also skate on your benches sometimes and they will get destroyed. So Skateboarders need skate parks if we don’t have them where else can we skate. A lot of those skate parks that are made need to be free so skateboarders can skate only because not everyone has money.

                Skateboarders need to have skate parks. I say this because where then do you think we will skate. As our talents progress at skateboarding you find that you get bored just skating in front of your house with nothing to really skate. For example, how many people have stairs at their house that they can skate, what about gaps which is to parts of something like 2 ramps separated by feet, grass, rocks, anything really, also what about rails it’s hard to find things to grind on with you skateboard around your house. So we start to use our mind and it never turns off once you start looking for spots that you can skate you start to do it everywhere then you find yourself always analyzing everything. Once you find something you just get so much motivation to skate it that you don’t care where it is like if it is a business a random abandoned place just anything it really does not matter because you won’t care all you want it to skate that spot so you do. Eventually yes you will get in trouble for where you are skating because yes people don’t appreciate it if you skate where they are trying to get money our if it’s just something they bought and will never be used because people don’t like their stuff trashed. When I say trashed yes I mean it because when we skate benches we put wax on it then we grind it with or metal trucks so the bench well start to collect marks and maybe break off. Before the skate park in downtown Kalamazoo was made I remember that I used to skate everywhere downtown I also used to get kicked out of all the places I skated to. Like for example at the museum downtown there are benches to grind and people always walking everywhere. So once the people in the museum see you skating there stuff they will get mad and come yell at you and tell you to leave or that you could hurt yourself our someone around you. Also places are always worried because they think that you will sue them because you got hurt on their grounds. But the thing is when we get hurt we have NO intention of suing the place we know it’s our fault if we get hurt all we want to do is to just skate that spot and get our tricks down. So it really makes me mad when I get a few tries in and I’m about to get my trick and someone comes out screaming about you can’t skate here if you get hurt then your parents or you will sue us.

                When skate parks are made they need to be made in the intention of being free and not paid for us to skate. As a skater we spend enough money on decks, trucks, wheel, bearing, raiser, and shoes all those things really add up. Like a whole skateboard varies from 100 to 300 dollars. Shoes are also expensive they can range from 30 to 80 dollars.            So after we spend all that money we really don’t have more to spend so it would just be nice if the skate parks would be free to skate. Or where will we go skate that’s right your business place. Like for example kzoo skate zoo you have to pay 11 dollars every time to get in to skate for a few hours if you go when they open at 3 and they close at 9 you pay 11 dollars to skate for one day and its only for 6 hours. So to me that is a big rip off and there is no way to buy a year pass so you can skate for free because the business won’t let it happen. The thing is though they are getting less business because it is so expensive they used to have shoes you can buy but from less business they had to get rid of it. Also when you skate it you only skate it a few times before you get bored of it especially because you have to pay every time to go and skate it.




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